Kota Lewoleba

Posted: April 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Lewoleba is a capital city of Lembata Regency and as a central of education, economic, trade and government activities. In Lewoleba, you can spent your time for visiting traditional market in Pada, and you can rent a motor boat to Awelolong white sandy island, it is located in the north of Lewoleba town. On August you can join with local people to seek snail (bekarang cari siput) in Awelolong, White Sandy Island, at Wunopito beach (Lapangan Terbang). We can see Awelolong when low tied.

How to get Lewoleba?

From Bali (Denpasar). You can get a flight from Denpasar to Kupang and by Trans Nusa air Service fly from Kupang to Lewoleba every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday in the morning.  From Bali (Denpasar). You can get a flight to Maumere Flores or Labuan Bajo in west of Flores Island and than.  Public overland bus from Labuan bajo or Maumere to Larantuka in east Flores Island. At 08.00 in the morning from Larantuka with daily motor boat. You can view the beautiful scenery of the narrow strait between Adonara Island and Solor Island during 3 or 4 hours. Local boat will be stop over in Waiwerang village after that to Lewoleba town. (Lewoleba seaport).

Ferry from Kupang in Timor Island at every Wednesday and Ferry from Larantuka – Lewoleba – Baranusa – Kalabahi – Alor and every Monday. Every Wednesday from Kalabahi – Baranusa – Lewoleba – Larantuka, East Flores. (Please contact ferry officer).

Kapal PELNI / PELNI Ship. (KM.Bukit Siguntang) from Ujung Pandang/ Makasar  – Maumere – Larantuka – Lewoleba – Kupang  PP, every two weeks, please contact PELNI Office.  Kapal motor Diana from Wairiang (Lembata) – Kalabahi every Wednesday.  Kapal motor Nangalala from Kupang – Lewoleba – Kalabahi – Atapupu every two weeks.


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