Perburuan Ikan Paus Lamalera

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Lamalera a popular name of village in the world . In This village we can see The uniqueness life style of Lamalera tribes, Peledang boath and tempuling harpoon of each clan, Traditional house of each clan, Traditional ceremony of tobo arus nama fata (It is performed on 29 April every year), Misa Leva (Catholic Mass).It is a thanks giving ceremony using Catholic tradition. It is usually performed on 1 Mei every year, Leva Nuang (Whale Hunting Season). We invite you to join with local fisherman for go fishing with their own boat. Season of Leva Nuang fom 2 Mei until September, Demonstration of whale hunting by local fisherman at Lamalera beach, if you can not see the local people catch the whale on your arrival. (For further information please contact Kepala desa/village chief) and  Beautiful scenery at  Gripe

If You Go to this you will find in their own house , traditional sarong using whale motive, shawls, small Peledang. Fantastic of Lamalera Viilage  (only stone and rocky Village), Batu ikan paus (holy Whale stone) in Lamamanu village). And special for tourist group, they prepare package tour. Please contact Kepala Desa

You can get it at Waikomo bus station on the west of Lewoleba town. The bus departures on 12 at noon. It will be reached 3 or 4 hours. You also rent a motor bike (ojek) from Lewoleba town. At hotel Rejeki and Lewoleba Hotel you can rent a car.



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