Pantai Pasir Putih Bean

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Beach is a  Really wonderful of White sandy beach suitable for sunbathing. High wave for surfing on August until September.(you can bring you own boat  for surfing and Swimming. People can See the cave bat (kelelawar) at gowa mera (in the Natural grave gua merah or red cave) and also Jogging and other sports on the beach. They can also enjoy Nice view at the Tanjung Baja hill top

From Lewoleba town you can get ong Daily public bus, you can take in the east bus station (Lamahora) in front of Lewoleba Public Hospital (Rumah sakit umum Lewoleba) or use Daily motor bike (ojek) you can find every where in Lewoleba town for rent. Please contact at Rejeki Hotel and Lewoleba Hotel for rent a car.

Please contact Kepala Desa (Village chief) for you accommodation and your breakfast, lunch, and dinner (local food), or you can stay at hotels in Lewoleba town.



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